About Us

The company began life in 1995 as Dolphin Marketing International, located in Newport Beach, California. A relocation to Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1998 inspired our new name, ElectricFusion.com, LLC.

We work with a network of independent contractors and other companies to create a worldclass team to create the best possible web applications. We provide specific expertise in Responsive Design, web strategy, search engine optimization, web application development (ColdFusion, PHP, Ruby), social media integration, information architecture, requirements analysis and site modeling. We have a particular interest in leveraging the web to generate international business.

ElectricFusion.com, LLC is owned and operated by Craig Snyder. He has worked for the interactive arms of two leading advertising agencies in the world — Fallon Interactive (Minneapolis, Minnesota) and JWT Digital (Detroit, Michigan). He has also worked with General Motors (Detroit, Michigan), Northrop Grumman (Pico Rivera, California), SAIC (San Diego, California) and the U.S. Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration (Newport Beach, Santa Clara and San Diego, California and Chicago, Illinois).